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Monday, February 12th

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Our bad Jason did Jon and 929 if NBA's DN. Is Dave's Antonio Anderson the former Memphis tiger head basketball coach at Lynn English high school in Massachusetts and as of Saturday. And M club hall of Famer he joins us now to know what's going on man. Don't know what Butler. If it's and the working man congrats to use our maps of how does that feel to be all the fight. Yeah apparently did. Black you know. You're to be reckoned. Suspect about it appears in the and co. At university of your. How would what was the process like where where you when you got induct it was it was a lot the hall of fame building like how to network. Yeah it would let the around the Pentagon Apollo and you know bring a book. Immediate section. So often termed Al came you know. I've got different like the happy family attorney Patrick Miller and his lies and all the guys change of systems or lost those those great content and friends. The people at the university and athletics not a big in the. Did you hear from any of your your former teammates got the bureau's NCR and those guys that you can get text or call. Ronald albeit down at a summit action call. I'm pretty well for me oh gosh put up a book of bitter. They create the ipad's. They all they are out of the level of the Obama sure. What's the what are you did as a hall of Famer Tony did the get a blue jacket. The give do you get a ring what comes with that that hall of fame. Yeah if you like a huge lack alluring. They get more. A big picture of the year but what graduated stuff like that so it is much. On the ball. Wonderful guy that we get up when I think about it appreciated. Let me let me ask you don't know how honest to all the time. What did you were you treated. Like you thought she would be you'd you'd obviously made some comments before and you've been you've been critical and in and obviously you with your with guys right now on the thing. Fairly you'd been critical of this program did you give any of that cast did you get any shape feel and all was an all love like it was supposed to be. You know what they they missed the ball in the god religion all cute. Chop block. There's a lot of governor during the second spot to Memphis. What needed food water there and then just pictured in my family appreciate you. Outstanding did you get to talk to them tell about your concerns one don't want the weather was with the ball away and know with all with tubby did you get any is unique chance to kind of say what you wanna do to them. Apple you know a bit on the thought they. Our our current dispute and the ball for law. In those Lotta people around I really shouldn't say what I want to say because you know what the right I'm a plate sure. You know he's so you know. No he he he's each port the you know imputed you know you're you're big and are respectable views of our fidelity adversity. There are the last show Bulger. So what did you think of the game and did they leave you take at this time. Also regain yet. You're not very pretty as they and that these. To be industry went up here. Obama sent out there appears well well I'll admit it before it started down. Fairly stringent acutely. What was put in that I'm watching game doctrinal. Observe. It would it would do what what what were your observations Antonia. Our division. We really hope you know we. In you know it really so now I'm not everything is. Elect at that didn't go well. Tortilla. In a facility yesterday before the game up a couple out before the game. That that there aren't they do Bobble head. Deputy. But a lot about the Soviet and a lot of it gave the series. If you can't we guard our growth and target are. Urged. If you'd change here. Up eight and that is. Secure Israel that there's going to let it be what are they obviously. You can't do it if they go to university that was attacked Serbia little. Of the wrong. What's that don't you you've you've you've like you said you've seen NBA facilities that hum what's it like. You said top of the line is it just that the best you've seen in college. That that the best facility in a lot of little. Not a lot in my column route and not seeing them now outdated yeah it's true and accurate story Laurie Williams and privilege and I hope that to be seen in life. I really picky. Yes but authorities. And then continue to go at it that it duties. In the in only accept or about. Who is that how do you say oh yeah you can get because the first. We are of course talking M club all of they were one of the most beloved Memphis tigers of all time Antonio Anderson here on Jason and Jon. Com Antonio you have been very honest and vocal about your feelings. You know about that this basketball you've you've come on our show before. And voice those a few times why why do you feel it's important for you. To voice your your really your honest opinion about basketball because. If you know that is sometimes a lump they don't zany things sometimes that they do speak. They just kind of save the deed the cliche give it time you know you've definitely. Said how you feel from the heart why do you feel like that's been important for you to do. Because they. Are a low India in the area and I'm like oh. I'll spare their their opinion. In operate there I don't know what it might be without it I know that I see the city. Hurry and respect that about possible program. Like they do so that there are an example like the thing. Producer as I'd like thirty about it throat I've been accused of their program. Oh by. Amount Barbara term where you it was learned here's all the all important blood sweat as well. Alluded to scene that we should never blew it. Oh what is taught they them repeatedly stated he talked in country you're in Iraq. Marcia. But the EC uses. They use he had any cheap they should not be president Eric and prosecuted to the U got two more and. And let me ask some tone when you win you think about where this thing was ten years ago where where you were ten years ago in this program. You know someone argued that at at its height. Does it feel like. A long time ago when you when you look at that and where the program has or. Or does it feel like just yesterday when when you're around you know. When you had some year old UCL sulfur in the third week in had a hat hat does it feel like a long time goes it feel like just yesterday. I. You know on the bill argue that big Telecom and a terrible productive game at least do a ticket didn't know. And it is there much of these at eleven year old age. Will they be there that's. These children and injured the other candidates or them or all of our people are things that. So critically important is that by yesterday yeah and look capacity. I'm a reporter but Michael I'll. Go get back here lord down the bottom of even though there orders or program. You know. Let it be able got on winning here. Good outcomes and Heatley got older shot gorilla who picks are almost over a little bit about people who. Some of these coaches. Court martial six was stopped people look lovely couple. I think it programs grew and so we are now. In Iraq and the doctor. Our luck in the back of him to legitimacy. I'll welcome my partners as well I'll never. That but I though. Beat the guy will go right now. I'm I'm glad you got to field that love this weekend those fellas got a common Bakken and didn't explain to you year did you I'm curious. Bill Lawrie was in town this weekend and and and I'm I'm assume and part of it was to see you hum obviously big town booster poured a lot of money. Ten million dollars into that new facts though that we just talked about did you get a chance to talk to him in Tennessee work where he's at with the program right now in terms of his satisfaction. You know I speak they have much. I go through. Most are the horror of our blog or fire them from any. But. You know. You know there's there's always that went into the program because it about him that much is it me or if not more. All your data well a lot longer. Book. You know it. Are there I think yesterday her arms in the air you know is that they're seen them in this agreement. We played UT yeah weekly if you read it if you don't yet there was eight people in the stands yeah. You know sort of Nicole yesterday these so many empty seats. But it often so he's familiar eight Spain and that was there are way. Or belt they're really great drama up a level you're not told them personally yes sir appreciate it still supported. Also agree with a lot platforms server I get some sort of suspect you know. It's an immediate concern requested enemies are met through that a majority well you got a mom. It is our program I'm not gonna Barbara. Because they want me to say oh about them or what right now we. We hope Monday we can be we could target market got picked on what that facility. I mean you look at. A lot if you're about to salute the. And sort of vertigo I was curious if you arm if you saw tubby Smith's response. To what you've said. The last few months did you have to see his response after the game yesterday. Yeah I think he says have a large. If you write a somewhat a lot of Howard or on the. Yeah leg when you hear that like an end and listen if you weren't the press coverage or I guess maybe it's all about the way he said it but when you hear coach say maybe. Not maybe I'm not the right bit. What what how does that make you feel. You know exactly how Robin and I considered it Antonio's. Situation unaudited tortured and beat some party got here and not be the portal. Obama got his job while older brother and a draw. My hope that one. Damage is seems it just Siemens I would. Seems odd right like for him to say maybe not while like everybody else in Memphis is wonder in the same thing it kind of sound like he's wonder in the same thing to. They're you know they're like it's sort and fight this select. Eight he wrote a word that he brought up from the government well little world well. He's done it may have going to be deliberate it and you know. The BP guess they've bought others where are. We did so did it. And you know it is mesh. Is not a doctor beat you know we don't have enough talent to beat Central Florida. I don't know who can't see a good people there. Then ninth it's not it's not a it's not a good situation right now but they Rhode Mick congratulations on all matters so says the honor this weekend it was well deserved man as you know. A lot of respect for what you did here and and and you continue and a voice your true opinion about to say the program and we appreciate we appreciate the time and we respect just atone. I Becky got it. Yep he is Antonio Anderson and two home. May very yeah like I said I mean. You've got to give him credit because he is the only a lump right now who is saying something other than all would just looks told moved right. They because he knows it doesn't have to take time all these other guys who with the mib is no it doesn't have to take them they just don't wanna ruffling feathers. A picket. You and I both know would it does take some amount of time it just doesn't take. This all right and and you wanna see urgency. And I think wholeness is saying and you you wanna you wanna shake some people over there and cement do you see this this is not. What we're used to and in so when you hear the old Joseph the cliche it's gonna be all right just give it time has got to get his guys. That that starts to Wear you out because look. I look I know Tubby Smith takes time. I just don't think it has taken this much time and epic it you know putting it as any other way oh it's gonna have to take five music that's. That's crawl it get it doesn't take that here admit this in your tone particularly with the new facility but it should not have to be this hard on it should not. Take this all I think we've we've Greer could take time just not this much time ought to get back to where you wanna go so hot to your point. Meant to do for tone to do this you don't have to speak out like he has and we've seen that the backlash he's gotten on Twitter. That's got to be painful way to see if from some people that you know rooted for you want on the cover you know Kyra now so law won't reform again if he's going at the program like that. I respect his honesty in the face of all that you and I both know what he's speaking as the truth dip. And in and that's what you got to do that's what you gotta be content with is that you're speaking from the heart you're speaking which elect is the truth. Dick that I will come back cube we'll also woods who has a one point five that should be interest in don't miss the days and done and it's and it's India's it.